Basé en FRANCE , nous disposons désormais d'un stock au SENEGAL

Pour les livraisons au Sénégal, passez votre commande directement sur notre site ou sur ce numero +221 77 220 39 87


Our mission

Nefert Hair was designed with the aim of offering choice and quality in protective hairstyles for black and mixed women.

<transcy>Take it to the next level.</transcy>

You deserve better than what is being offered to you now.

Our desire is to create links with our customers in order to design a brand that suits you.

By us and for us

<transcy>Boxlocks by Nefert Hair</transcy>

We have designed a chic and elegant box at the height of our customers.

Why choose us ?


Quick and easy installation of our products for a natural and versatile hairstyle


Reusable * and easy to maintain


Absence of tension on the scalp due to the hook installation and the lightness of the wicks


One Box is sufficient for one head.

A satin hat and accessories are offered


Un concept unique qui a déjà séduit beaucoup d'entre vous !