Frequently Asked Questions


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What is LOCKS hooks?

These are wicks whose installation is done using a hook. The hooks are designed with 100% premium quality kanekalon fiber. The rendering is natural and the installation is fast

What does a boxlock contain?

  • Between 80 and 100 LOCKS hooks
  • A satin hat
  • 28 jewelry

A box is largely enough for a break everything depends on the type of installation you use and the volume you want.

How to install the locks?

You will need a hook for installation. Several installations are possible:

  • On mats stuck on the whole head
  • On individual braids on the whole head
  • On individual braids around the head and mats stuck in the middle

Option 1: requires a lot of locks - Easy installation and deposit without damaging the locks

Option 2: requires fewer wicks but installation and removal can damage the locks. We do not recommend this type of break for the one who wishes to reuse our products.

Option 3: Installation and removal for the contour of the head can damage the locks. However, there will remain supplements to change them during the next use

What is the break?

You will need between 2 and 3 hours for an installation

What is the size of the locks?

The size of the locks varies between 12 to 26 inches

How to be reimbursed?

You have 14 days to benefit from a refund.

The product (s) must be returned to their original condition and packaging, complete and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice. Products must not have undergone any alteration, whatever it is.

The reimbursement will then take place within fourteen days from the recovery of goods by our services

How to exchange in case of non -compliance of the order? 

In the event of non-compliance of the order: reference (s) error (s), you can return the product (s) received (s). In this case, so that the return can be accepted, you must first inform us so that we can check the stock of the product you want, and return the products in perfect condition, in their original condition and packaging, in as soon as possible.


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to send them to us with the help of the questionnaire in the "Contact" section



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